Mathematician Who Knows Outcome of 2016 Election Refusing To Disclose Winner

A Brentwood man who has predicted election percentages within a single percentage point for the last 20 years has predicted the outcome of the United States' 2016 presidential election and refuses to share the results.

Brentwood, CA—A Brentwood man knows the winner of the upcoming election is refusing to disclose the winner and claims to be afraid of mass rioting.

"While I don't want to share too much, I will tell you that the winner of this years election is likely to cause widespread panic, rioting, and could threaten the US economy in a way we have never seen before," said the anonymous mathematician. "The results will be life-changing on a scale we have not yet seen."

This presidential election is scheduled to take place on November 8, 2016 for the 45th President of the Unites States between Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and celebrity businessman Donald Trump. Clinton narrowly defeated Bernie Sanders by a margin of than 0.2% in the Iowa caucuses.

The University mathematician, a male in their 40's and who specializes in complex algorithms, has successfully predicted the last 5 presidential nominees as well as their elections results within a single percentage point. His white paper entitled "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner? No, Seriously.  Guess." predicted the Trump/Clinton face-off and was largely ridiculed by peers and the public.

"To be honest, I didn't want to be right on this one but Trump wasn't so radical back in 2014 having just come off The Apprentice," said the mathematician, adding, "and no one had even heard of this email server thing with Clinton so, again, I thought it was no big deal."

Trump has been largely criticized for his absence of political correctness while Clinton has been criticized for PAC money influence and handling of classified material.

"I am not sure if my math skills are a blessing at this point because I know how this election turns out and I am scared as hell about our future," said the award-winning math professor. "Want to know something even more scary? I know who is going to be in the 2020 election, too, and believe me, you haven't seen the most intense part yet. This whole charade goes up a whole 'nother gear."