Creeper Arrested For Filming Mating Whales

A South Carolina man was arrested today for filming the annual mating of blue whales under South Carolina's new anti-pornography law.

Charleston, South Carolina - A man taking pictures from the beachside was arrested today for violating South Carolina's new anti-pornography law for filming mating whales.

South Carolina government lawmakers voted last fall to approve an anti-pornography bill in hopes of curtailing the wide-spread Internet pornography epidemic however the law appears to have some unintended applications.

"The law states that filming mammals having intercourse is considered pornography and since whales are mammals, this is pornography, according to the law. Plain and simple," said Adjunct General Ryan Beatrice. "We intend to prosecute this to the fullest extent of the law. This creeper needs to be taught a lesson that South Carolina will not tolerate open production of pornography on our state's beaches."

The suspect is due in court next week and, according to his lawyer, intends to argue that the photographs were not sexual in nature and that pornography statutes do not apply.