French Immigrants Required To Tattoo French Flag On Face To Prove Citizenship

"They must prove their dedication to France," said French President Marques Maranne.

Paris, France - Thousands flocked to local tattoo parlors in France today as a new French law required immigrants to get the French flag tattooed on their faces as part of a new citizenship requirement.

"To combat terrorism, only the most dedicated immigrant Parisians will be allowed to reside in Paris," said French Ambassador to the United States Jacques Bellande. "If we see an immigrant with a French flag tattoo, we'll know that they are not a terrorist."

Protest groups poured into the France's capital in a show of unity. Protesters were not protesting the French flag tattoo mandate but rather whether the flag should be on the left cheek or the right cheek.

"France has always been a right-handed country and it seems logical to mandate the flag be on the right side of the face," added one protester who requested to remain anonymous.

France currently mandates the flag be on the either cheek with small faction groups forming to protest "left facers."

"Left facers do not care about France," said one protester.