Clown College Graduate In Hilarious Amount Of Student Debt

Clowns are sad and not laughing at the enormous amount of debt accumulated while attending clown college. Many clowns need to create millions of balloon animals just to pay off their clown college debt. Pictured: "Funny" Freddy Gonzales.

Fresno, CA—A popular profession which delights millions of children is in jeopardy of collapsing due to increased tuition rates which make a living nearly impossible after graduation.

Clown college graduates are reporting an average of $81,245 in graduating debt after completing the 2-year clown training program and 1-year clown apprentice internship.

"It's so sad I've had to exaggerate my clown frown to nearly past my chin," said "Funny" Freddy Gonzales, a recent Clown College of California (CCC) graduate. "They taught us how to be funny but they didn't teach us how to handle this debt. This debt isn't funny at all."

Analysts familiar with the profession claim that a recent clown college graduate will have to make between 700,000 and 1,000,000 balloon animals to pay off the debt. That's an animal for every child in the state.

"There is just no way I can make a million balloon animals without me losing my mind," added Gonzales. "There would be a clown on every corner if that were possible."