Rappers Run For Elected Office & Secure 10 of 12 Pennsylvania House Seats

Jiggy D-Dawg led the effort which netted a 80% elected rate among popular hip-hop artists. Recent filings have shown that these election campaigns were funded entirely by iTunes music sales.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Local hip-hop artists secured over 90% of all Pennsylvania House seats this week in a landmark election campaign that will likely change the face of the democratic process in the Unites States forever.

A small group of African-American men campaigned entirely on Facebook and used proceeds from their bedroom-produced underground hip-hop songs which generated revenues using iTunes.

"One of the first laws we're going to pass is the College For Everyone Bill which guarantees that every Pennsylvanian has access to fully-funded college tuition," said Ronald J. Lewis, who goes by his stage name R-Loose.

House Republicans vow to challenge the election on grounds that advertising was used inside of the 3-day advertising restriction immediately preceding an election under Pennsylvania law.